The Strongest Gym In The Hunter, Open 24/7

Powerlifting? Bodybuilding? Strongman? We’ve got you covered. 

Tired of Globo Gyms? Want to learn how to lift properly? Be part of a community that supports you? Want to actually achieve results and get strong?

We are not in the business of making you ‘skinny’. We don’t have fancy saunas or beauty bars. We don’t have endless rows of cardio equipment, exercise machines, or ‘music channels’ on the TV (there’s heavy music & lifting instead). There’s no pool, or endless walls of mirrors. We don’t offer spin class, yoga class, pilates class or anything with the words “core”, “bootcamp” or “WOD”. 

At Hunter Strength and Performance, we do one thing – teach you how to make yourself stronger.

That’s why we’re The Strongest Gym in the Hunter.

Strong people are healthier and enjoy a better quality-of-life. All ages, genders and body types benefit from being stronger, and we will help you achieve this.

At our private (& 24/7) training facilities, you will be surrounded by Strength. We can provide you an incredibly effective system for building extraordinary physical strength, while minimising the risk of injury (all whilst improving your body composition). You will learn exactly what you should be doing every time you step into the gym. You will gain the knowledge and confidence needed to train productively for the rest of your life. And, you’ll do it in a supportive and welcoming environment free from big egos, attitudes, crowds and ‘political bullshit’. You will be apart of the controlled chaos that will help forge you in iron.

We understand that we might not be what you’re looking for, then again, we might be exactly what you need.