Coaches That Practice What They Preach.

My name is Leroy Scott. I’m one of the owners/directors & the Head Strength Coach of Hunter Strength and Performance Beresfield, based in the Hunter Valley, NSW.

All my life I have had a love for sport and fitness. I played ruby league until the age of 17, at which time I jointed the Royal Australian Navy. During my career in the Navy I played rugby union.

In July 2007 my life got thrown a curve ball. I injured my back. From then it has been a long road to recovery. It took 6 1/2 years of physiotherapy and hydrotherapy to get my back to a level to start training again. In this time I put on a lot of unwanted kgs.

In early 2015 I grew a passion for Powerlifting. I started training for my first novice powerlifting comp that was in September. Since then I haven’t looked back. I have since then competed in:

  • 2016 CAPO States (1st in the 100kg weight class)
  • 2016 CAPO Nationals (1st in the 100kg weight class)
  • 2016 GPC Sydney Cup (2nd in the 100kg weight class)
  • 2017 GPC States (4th place 700kg total)
  • 2017 GPC Nationals
  • 2017 GPC National Push/Pull (1st place NSW Leg)
  • 2018 Pro Raw Bench Only (195kg Bench)

My best lifts are:

  • Squat 270kg
  • Bench 195kg
  • Deadlift 272.5kg

Why do I coach? I want to see my clients achieve their goals and enjoy life.

My name is Kristen Scott. I’m one of the owners/directors alongside Leroy & a coach at Hunter Strength and Performance Beresfield, located in the Hunter Valley, NSW.

I have always had a passion for fitness and have had a love for the gym from a young age, thanks to my Mumma. I love strength training and Powerlifting because the results are endless, whether its strength gains or body re-composition.

In 2016, after a long battle with PTSD and not being able to drop excess body fat. I decided it was time to dig deep and achieve a long term dream. I made a commitment to compete in body building in season B, in just 6 months from starting with a new coach I was on stage. I competed in Figure in ANB Natural federation.

Newcastle Classic 2016:

  • 2nd Place Figure Novice
  • 3rd Place Figure Short

Central Coast Natural Physique Championships:

  • 1st Place Figure Novice
  • 2nd Place Figure Short

My name is Rob Allen. I’m one of the coaches alongside Kydan at Hunter Strength and Performance Singleton, located in the Hunter Valley, NSW.

I am a 40 year old father of 3, husband, musician, multi-ply powerlifter and strength coach.

I have been coaching for about four and a half years, I have worked with a wide variety of the clients including powerlifters, strongmen, professional athletes, physiotherapists, other coaches and parents and grandparents who want to get stronger to play with their kids.

I have worked out of Iron Armour Gym & Wilson Athletic in Warrnambool, VIC. I work remotely with online clients and I am now coaching at Hunter Strength & Performance in Singleton, NSW.

My goals as a coach are to help as many people as possible fall in love with strength. As a coach, I want to help my clients achieve what it is they set out to achieve. I will use my knowledge and experience to get them there, but they are the ones who set the destination, I am there to facilitate the path.

The thing that I have found most rewarding in the gym, is finding the strength within myself to succeed. I have attached myself to the word PERSIST as mantra of sorts for myself and my clients. This word is a reminder that we have committed to making ourselves into a better version of who we were the day prior and that we need to build upon this everyday through persistence.

It is the most valuable life lesson I have learned in the gym and through my coaching I hope I can pass some of that internal resilience on to my clients. And of course, lift some heavy sh*t in the process!