The Strongest Gym In The Hunter.


We are a 24/7 premier strength gym,  specialising in Powerlifting training, based in Hunter/Newcastle, NSW. We were founded by myself, Leroy Scott, and my partner, Kristen Scott,  in early 2018.

Hunter Strength was designed for people serious about training by people that are serious about training.

Our aim is to create the best environment for producing real results, with a no-nonsense facility & with the best equipment available.

We want to help you get stronger in every sense of the word. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more!

The Strongest Gym Needs The Best Equipment.

Valhalla Strength Monolift
Valhalla Strength Comp Bench
Muscle Motion Comp Benches
Rogue Calibrated Plates

Texas Squat Bar
Texas Deadlift Bar
Rogue Deadlift Bars
Valhalla Strength Power Bar

Texas Power Rar
Leg Press
Reverse Hyper Extension
Glute Ham Raise

Power racks (x3)
Dumbbells (up to 50kg)
8 Station Cable Machine
Sled + Strip

Hunter Strength and Performance         Hunter Strength and Performance

Hunter Strength & Performance – 15/17 Beresford Ave., Beresfield, NSW 2322 – 0435 938 136